Vegan Thanksgiving Pizza


A Vegan Thanksgiving Pizza is a great option if you are having thanksgiving dinner with just a couple of people. It is also good for bringing to potlucks or parties, or to have any time that you want the tastes of thanksgiving.  It also is great if you are the only vegan at your thanksgiving celebration because you can bring it and get all of the traditional tastes and not have to worry if you are able to eat the sides that are being served.  It stands alone and is very filling.  This pizza is also gluten free if you choose a gluten free crust and use a gluten free flour in the gravy.  At this time there are very few packaged meat substitutes that are gluten free and especially turkey roasts.   In this recipe I used the “Beyond Meat” Chicken Strips to give the pizza the turkey taste and texture and it worked out beautifully.  If you wish to use a different turkey substitute feel free.  This recipe is very easy and the ingredients can easily be bought pre-packaged or completely made from scratch.  You have lots of freedom  to  make it your own.


One of our favorite thanksgiving traditions is that instead of eating turkey, we participate in the Adopt a Turkey project at Farm Sanctuary.  When sponsoring a turkey that helps Farm Sanctuary to rescue animals and provide care for them at the sanctuaries as well as helping them to educate and advocate for turkeys and other farmed animals everywhere.  You receive an Adopt a Turkey certificate with a color photo and details about the turkey you sponsored. The certificate is placed in the middle of our thanksgiving table every year.  You can Adopt a Turkey and learn more about Farm Sanctuary by following this link,


Vegan Thanksgiving Pizza


Pizza Dough or Pre-Packaged Crust

Mashed Potatoes

Peas, Carrots, Corn Frozen Vegetable Mix

Canned Cranberries or Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Vegan Gravy

Beyond Meat  Mock “Chicken Strips”



Make pizza dough.  Spread on pizza stone and cook according to package instructions.  You want it be already cooked without any toppings on it because when the ingredients go on top we do not put it back in the oven.  Allow it to cool before assembling pizza.

Prepare mashed potatoes using your favorite recipe.  Here is an easy recipe for vegan mashed potatoes if you need one.

Make vegan gravy. You can use pre-packaged or make your own using this recipe.

If making homemade cranberry sauce here is a recipe.

Warm frozen vegetable mix.

Heat Beyond Meat “Chicken Strips” in a frying pan with a tablespoon of oil.  Flip over when one side is slightly browned.  Slice strips into cubes.

Once all of the ingredients are prepared,  you are ready to assemble  your pizza.

Spread mashed potatoes on cooked pizza dough.  This acts as the “sauce” of the pizza.

Then cover with the vegetable mix.

Next sprinkle the cubed “chicken strips”.

Lightly drizzle the gravy over the entire pizza.

Then add dollops of cranberry sauce.



I wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving holiday!!!


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