Penelope: A Rescue Story- A Short Documentary




It has been quite a year.  I launched this blog about compassion towards animals exactly one year ago, today.  Little did I know what the next year would have in store for me and how much my life would change.

A HUGE thank you to Duncan Skiles for taking an interest in our story and creating this documentary.

This is being released just days before a judge will rule on the Kaporos court case and a couple of weeks before Kaporos is scheduled to take place again.

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Thank you!!!!

How I healed my sick chicken and detailed instructions


I promised that I would post what I gave to Penelope to help her heal from the “incurable” Marek’s disease.  I should say that I am not a veterinarian or a homeopathic dr. but this treatment is what I had some success with.  I wanted to put this info out there because many chickens are being euthanized for Marek’s disease because conventional medicine doesn’t have a cure.  My chicken was completely unable to walk or stand  and her legs stretched out in front of her. The x-rays showed no broken bones and the vet was sure it was Mareks. They wanted to euthanize her because she was rapidly getting worse.  But within 9 days of giving this to her she was up and walking again! See previous blog post for details about her rescue and healing.  Many other rescued Kaporos chickens came down with very similar symptoms and I was contacted by their rescuers for advice about what I did to heal Penelope.  Amazingly after using this remedy they have also been healed…some in a couple of days.

To help heal her I alternated giving her Colloidal silver and a homeopathic remedy called Hypericum.

Here are the instructions: You will need 2 separate medicine droppers, clearly marked so that you don’t mix them up. The hypericum comes in little tablets and it can be found at most health food stores or whole foods. The brand I used is called Boiron. I used Hypericum Perforatum 30c.  Just look for the homeopathy section. They are tiny little blue bottles. Also you will need some distilled water. Fill a glass shot glass (nothing metal) 3/4 of the way full with distilled water. Don’t let the tablets touch your hand or anything a spoon.  Drop 2 tablets into the water and let it dissolve. Fill the eyedropper with about 5-10 drops of the remedy. Give your chicken the  hypericum. I just put the dropper up to her mouth and she drinks it right up.

4 hours later give her colloidal silver.  I used the brand Source Naturals, Ultra Colloidal Silver, 10 ppm.  Same amount, 5-10 drops. I tend to fill it a little more than 10 drops because there is always some that misses her mouth and more won’t hurt her. You can also find colloidal silver easily at any health food store. You need separate droppers because the silver will deactivate the hypericum. This is also the reason for spreading the remedies out over 4 hour increments.

Give the remedies until symptoms subside.  I now give her a maintenance dose of the colloidal silver…a few drops in her water every morning.

Best of health to your feathered friends!

If you do use this remedy and it works for your chicken, I would love to hear your success stories!