Penelope: A Rescue Story- A Short Documentary




It has been quite a year.  I launched this blog about compassion towards animals exactly one year ago, today.  Little did I know what the next year would have in store for me and how much my life would change.

A HUGE thank you to Duncan Skiles for taking an interest in our story and creating this documentary.

This is being released just days before a judge will rule on the Kaporos court case and a couple of weeks before Kaporos is scheduled to take place again.

If you like what you see, please share to help raise awareness and spread Penelope’s message.

Thank you!!!!

4 thoughts on “Penelope: A Rescue Story- A Short Documentary

  1. Linda Crane

    This is a wonderful real life story of hope, bravery, and compassion. It’s time for this cruel way of practicing Kaporos to end. Sending prayers for changing this approach, healing, and wisdom for a better way for all concerned. I love this documentary.

  2. Richard Kyler

    This is a beautiful documentary that sheds light on the horrible and inhumane practice of Kaparos. With wonderful film making we as viewers see through Penelope the beauty, inquisitiveness, love and desire to live that is present in all living creatures. This disgusting and barbaric act, one which is ironically performed to absolve the partitioner of their sins, is done at the expense of a terrified and helpless animal. It’s astounding that in 2015 we as a society have not transcended past this type of behavior. It is a true illness of humanity that we do not use our more complex and developed brains to help bring an end to the senseless suffering of all living creatures but instead continue to be the main perpetuators of it. Bravo to Vanessa & Steve for their act of love and kindness toward Penelope and for sharing her story to help shed light on this issue. May we all find within ourselves the same love, compassion and desire to act that seems to so genuinely live within them.


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