Explore Asia’s Vegan Gluten- Free Pasta Review

You guys, I’m kinda obsessed with this new pasta!


It is by Explore Asian.


It’s gluten- free, vegan, organic and gmo free (they are currently in the process of becoming NON- GMO project verified as well)


 I love it because it contains 2 ingredients- beans and water!


It is so high in protein and dietary fiber.  Check out these nutritional facts for the Mung Bean Fettuccine!


If you make the entire package there is 100 grams of protein in it!!!


“Yeah, but how does it taste?”

 I have only tried the Mung Bean Fettuccine and the Organic Black Bean Spaghetti.  They are really delicious! The consistency is a little thicker than regular pasta, but I think its really good.I look forward to trying the other flavors. Don’t let the name “Explore Asian” fool you.  It can be used as a substitute for Italian dishes as well.


Here is a link to their website.

There you can find all of the different flavors and you can search for local grocery stores that carry it.

 If you wish to purchase it online it only comes in a pack of 6.


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