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  1. Kimberly Bruce

    Hi, thank you for posting you’re information on Merrick’s disease treatment. We are currently treating one of our chickens with what you have suggested. It’s only been a couple of days and we think we see some improvement. We had a couple of young chickens passed away last spring from what we believe is Merrick’s disease. They were bared rock chickens. The funny thing is we got a Rhode Island red chicken from the same place, and same time, and that chicken didn’t get sick till a few days ago. Have you ever seen that happen? I was thinking that we were not going to have anymore problems after the two died last spring. I guess I figured if the young Rhode Island red chickens made it through that she would be fine. They were all the same age born last Spring. We got all three of them from the same feed mill store. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on how long it may take to get her back to normal. And a major question is if we can get her back into our flock and if we get new ones next spring does that put them more at risk? At this time we have six chickens, A nice coop in fenced in area for all of them. So we are not into really big flocks or anything. We will probably always have less than 10 chickens. Anyway, thanks for your our information on this and I am hoping it works for our girl. Any other thoughts or helpful tips you could email to ice would be greatly appreciated.


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