21 days of Vegan Transition Tips

At the beginning of the year I posted 21 days of vegan transition tips.


Here is the full list:

Tip 1: Know why you want to become vegan 

Tip 2: Know your transition style 

Tip 3: Have a support team 

Tip 4: Use Vegan Substitutions 

Tip 5: Read Labels 

Tip 6: Give yourself a grocery store tour 

Tip 7: Try new things 

Tip 8: If you don’t see what you want, ask! 

Tip 9: Finding Vegan Recipes

Tip 10: When to Supplement 

Tip 11: Start  your day off right 

Tip 12: Keep cost of food down

Tip 13: How to manage cravings  

Tip 14: Dining out 

Tip 15: Helpful resources to find vegan-friendly dining 

Tip 16: Expanding veganism beyond eating 

Tip 17: Be a healthy vegan 

Tip 18: Commitment is important 

Tip 19: Go back to your reason 

Tip 20: Explore other areas to fuel you more 

Tip 21: Mindset 


Vegan Transition Tip #21- Mindset


Mindset is very important when making any lifestyle change.  How you choose to feel about your vegan experience will determine your longterm success and commitment.  One of the most valuable tips that I can leave you with is to focus on what you are gaining, rather than what you are giving up and eliminating by being vegan.  Choose to place your focus on the  positive aspects.  These include how your body feels now that you are no longer consuming meat, dairy and eggs,  the fact that you are making a choice for compassion and love, the positive impact that you are making on the environment,  the fact that you no longer are taking part in cruelty and suffering,  and any other aspects that might come up for you that you feel is positive.  If you are focusing on the fact that you are giving up certain foods and how much you might miss them, or worry about judgement of friends and family all of the time…you will have a much more difficult time staying with it. Don’t worry about what others think. Just focus on being the best vegan that you can be and others will see that.  Once they know that you are serious and that this isn’t a trendy little phase, you will be surprised by the way that people come around and embrace your lifestyle change.

Have fun with it and celebrate the adventure of trying new things.  Also, know that the longer that you are vegan, the easier that it gets.  I have been vegan for over ten years and have been a vegetarian since childhood.  Truthfully I never find myself tempted to go back to eating meat, dairy or eggs.  I have reached a point where there are no longer cravings and the thought of consuming it again literally makes me sick to my stomach.  In a short amount of time you will most likely find yourself there too.  Until you reach that point, have your support team in place, focus on the positive aspects  and follow these 21 tips to help you through.  Know that I am here to answer any questions that you might need help with.  You can do this.  Here’s to your health, wellness, the animals and saying yes to compassion and love in all areas of your life!

Vegan Transition Tip #20- Explore Other Areas To Fuel You More

In addition to having a reminder tool on hand, there is one more tool that I recommend to help you to stay committed to your decision to be vegan.  I recommend exploring the other reasons to be a vegan.  If your main motivation when you first went vegan was that you were against animal cruelty, consider exploring in depth the environmental reasons or the health reasons.  Having multiple areas of motivation will greatly help to support your vegan journey. Immerse yourself in education about your particular category.  Watch videos, read books, search for articles online, etc.  For my book and video recommendation list, go back to Transition Tip #1 .

Vegan Transition Tip #19- Go Back to Your Reason