Beanfield’s Chips Review

Hands down Beanfield’s takes the prize for my favorite chips ever!!!


They are Vegan, Corn- free, Gluten free, non- gmo and they remind me of Doritos, only better!


“So what are they made of if they are corn and gluten free?”     Rice and Beans… and honestly you would never know it!!!

Because of this combo they have 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving!

These chips have a wonderful, flavorful taste and I have found them to be quite addicting.  Luckily they are a healthy alternative to other brands.

beanfields chips

I was able to sample all of the flavors and my favorites are Nacho and Ranch.

The other flavors include Barbecue, Sea Salt, Pico De Gallo, Salt and Pepper and Unsalted

Here is their website where you can buy them by the case or locate a store near you that carries them…


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