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              Hi!  I’m Vanessa Dawson. Welcome to my blog, Compassion Blooms.  This blog is dedicated to supporting people that are interested in becoming vegan as well as those that have already made the transition.  I will post many articles, recipes, tips and reviews to assist you on this journey.  It is my intention to create a space that is loving and compassionate not just in our beliefs, but in the approach of the sharing of this information. This blog is about creating a community of like-minded individuals.  I will host events and will support services and organizations that are assisting the animals and raising awareness.  
               I became a vegetarian at the age of 9.  I was always an animal lover. As I child, I would always want to rescue stray animals. I would cry every time I saw road kill.  I would try to heal little bugs that seemed injured in our backyard.   And one day my family was sitting down at the table and we were eating chicken wings and pizza.  I had a moment of awakening that I will never forget.  I was eating the chicken wing and as I was looking at it, I became fully conscious of the fact I was holding a dead chicken’s bone in my hand.  This was the first time that I truly understood that meat was a dead animal.  I knew what meat was before but the age of nine, but it never fully sunk in until that moment.  I freaked out! My parents both saw how emotionally effected I was and they fully supported me in becoming a vegetarian, even though neither of them were at the time.  I am extremely grateful to both of them because their support helped to shape who I am today.  So many parents don’t give their children the chance to make that decision for themselves due to their own beliefs about eating meat and I am so happy mine allowed me to make that decision.  I intend to post articles as well about this topic and supporting children and meeting their needs nutritionally.  My mother had dabbled a little bit back and forth with being a vegetarian but for the most part I was on my own for making meals. I had to learn how to cook from an early age because I was eating something different than everyone else.  As I grew older and lived on my own, my main focus was about just not eating meat and not necessarily health.  I found myself eating a lot of junk food.  After all, pizza is vegetarian, nachos are vegetarian, french fries are vegetarian, Doritos are vegetarian, mac n’ cheese is vegetarian. And as long as I wasn’t eating meat, I thought I was ok.   In my early 20’s, after college I was dancing in a national tour, and even though I was getting tons of exercise, I found myself becoming overweight.  I also had brain fog and candida issues.  My boyfriend and the time (now my husband) was also vegetarian and he had learned about the issues in the dairy industry and wanted to become a vegan.  I didn’t want to hear it.  I was so addicted to cheese.  But the more that I learned about the abuses that dairy cows endured, I decided to make the transition to being vegan with him when we moved to NYC in 2005.  There I became obsessed with learning all there was to know about healthy, vegan eating.  I attended so many workshops, meeting ups, sampled every vegan product that I could , I read every vegan book I could get my hands on, watched documentaries and I immersed myself in a holistic way about the new lifestyle change that I was making. I lost weight, the brain fog lifted, my candida problems disappeared, my energy was high…I felt great!  Health, the animals, spirituality and the environment all  became equal parts of my focus and I incorporate them into everything that I now do.  I am a singer, dancer and actress, as well as a yoga instructor for both adults and children and a vegan health coach. Throughout my life I would help so many friends and family members make the transition as well and have acquired a lot of info along the way.  I am so passionate about this topic and I am so happy to share this info with you.  If this resonates with you please subscribe to my page. 
 Thank you!

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  1. Rachel

    Vanessa, I just saw Penelope’s story. You are an angel for rescuing her. I live for the day where society stops all harm to animals. Best wishes to you and Penelope.


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