Today is Penelope’s 6 month Rescue- Anniversary!

6 months ago today, Penelope was rescued and became a part of our lives.  I never could’ve imagined how much I would fall in love with this little chicken. I never thought of myself as a “chicken person” and I certainly didn’t expect to have one living in my new york city apartment.  I believed that they shouldn’t suffer or be eaten, but I didn’t have any real close experience with any to get to know them.  I am so grateful for the events that led me to that day 6 months ago.

Penelope continues to change the lives of all who meet her.  Her resilience and strength are inspirational and I am honored to be her human voice and help tell her story.

We look forward to more warm spring days and enjoying more time outside and in the sun!

Enjoy these 2 videos of my happy and healthy hen!

Penelope is super excited for her 6 month rescue- anniversary breakfast!

Note: I keep a pillow by her dish so that she can reach the bowl easier.  She has a scissor beak so she needs deep dishes so that she can scoop her food into her mouth.

Penelope’s belly is ticklish!