21 days of Vegan Transition Tips

At the beginning of the year I posted 21 days of vegan transition tips.


Here is the full list:

Tip 1: Know why you want to become vegan 

Tip 2: Know your transition style 

Tip 3: Have a support team 

Tip 4: Use Vegan Substitutions 

Tip 5: Read Labels 

Tip 6: Give yourself a grocery store tour 

Tip 7: Try new things 

Tip 8: If you don’t see what you want, ask! 

Tip 9: Finding Vegan Recipes

Tip 10: When to Supplement 

Tip 11: Start  your day off right 

Tip 12: Keep cost of food down

Tip 13: How to manage cravings  

Tip 14: Dining out 

Tip 15: Helpful resources to find vegan-friendly dining 

Tip 16: Expanding veganism beyond eating 

Tip 17: Be a healthy vegan 

Tip 18: Commitment is important 

Tip 19: Go back to your reason 

Tip 20: Explore other areas to fuel you more 

Tip 21: Mindset 


My Rescued Chicken Penelope: Her Story and Updates


On October 3, 2014, I rescued my first chicken.  Her story is quite beautiful and I wanted to create a place where people can follow the story from the beginning and find the latest updates.

Here are the links to the blog posts in order…


Why are they swinging chickens over their heads?: Kaporos

Meet Penelope: My First Chicken Rescue

Penelope Update: 11/17/14 

Penelope Update 12/30/14 

How I healed my sick chicken and detailed instructions